Aerodrome User Licenses

As announced in Sept 2009 Hampshire Constabulary once again require regular users of the Aerodrome, including based aircraft, to have a license (or equivalent in the case of PNGC) to use the airfield land that is leased and operated by Hampshire Police, i.e. the land inside 'the Blue fence'.

All airfield users have an important role to play in making the airfield financially viable and airfield users are encouraged to pay promptly and assist in any other way they can to reduce the administrative overhead. Users who do not pay are likely to cause disruption to those who do by requiring access to the runway to be further controlled. Your co-operation is requested.

Fees (inc VAT)

Aircraft Microlight
Annual Fee £550.00 £275.00
Per 6 month License £275.00 £137.50
Daily Rate £1.51 £0.75


Cut-off date

Each aircraft must have a valid license or PPR to use the aerodrome after 12 March 2010.

Rule 40 of the Rules of the Air Regulations states:-

Movement of aircraft on aerodromes
40. An aircraft shall not taxi on the apron or the manoeuvring area of an aerodrome without thepermission of either—
(a) the person in charge of the aerodrome; or
(b) the air traffic control unit or aerodrome flight information service unit notified as being on watch at the aerodrome.

After 12 March 2010 only aircraft with valid licenses or with a valid PPR number may taxy on the MCA land. Anyone taxying an aircraft on to the land who does not have a valid license or PPR will be liable to prosecution.

How to get a License

Download the forms for a License to March 2010 by clicking here. If you wish to apply for a license from from March to September 2010 then also click here.

You will also need a copy of Form DAE25, signed by the person who will be accommodating the aircraft. There are two versions of the form. If the person accommodating the aircraft has a formal tenancy agreement with SEEDA click here. If a formal tenancy agreement has not been signed click here.

The small print

The start date for licenses is 29 September 2009. If the PPR for your intial flight into Daedalus was after that date you may pay pro-rata. In this case, the fee payable is the Daily Rate from the table above multiplied by the number of days from the date of your flight in to 24 March 2010 (both dates inclusive).

Your application may be rejected if there is a problem with the tenancy for the SEEDA land on which the aircraft is stored.

If the aircraft leaves Daedalus permanently you may apply for a pro-rata refund of the unexpired portion of the pre-paid license. The unexpired portion will run from the date when you gave written notice to the Aerodrome Manager that the aircraft was leaving Daedalus or the actual date of departure, whichever was the later. (The pro-rata agreement is not included in the accompanying licence documentation but is recorded in writing LFA has received from the Constabulary Solicitors office).


Contact the Aerodrome Manager.