Joint Services Day at Daedalus 1988

Video made by Aleck (Bill) Butcher of the Naval Air Command Video Production Unit based at Daedalus.

This video was made to show what happened at the Joint Services Day 1988, which took place at HMS Daedalus, Lee on Solent in Hampshire.
The brief was to capture as much of the event as possible, showing school children finding out about the Armed Forces - personnel from the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and the Royal Marines were there to answer questions, demonstrate the equipment and to make the day as exciting as possible.
It ended up being a very long day for me and my section chief, Tony Chivers, as the kit we had at the time consisted of a camera connected to the recorder by an umbilical - so he carried the recorder unit and a shotgun mic while I did the camera-work.
From memory I think I ended up taking a week to edit this on our Lo-band Umatic edit suite, but was really pleased with the result.

Aleck (Bill) Butcher, Naval Air Command Video Production Unit