May Day Fly-In 2010

Photos of LFA's first major event.


May Day 2010 Fly-In

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LFA's first major event after the threat of closure was lifted was a Fly-In held on May Day 2010. Visiting aircraft were parked on the grass outside Bellman 4 and the event was hosted by Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre. In the photos can be seen the infamous Blue Fence marking the boundary of the MCA Land. This was the second position of the fence. The original layout included the powered gate outside the HPASU hangar  but after running west it turned north to the boundary midway between the Police Hangar and Bellman 4. The gate at that position was too narrow and was a manual gate so it was always left open and therefore performed no purpose other than to obstruct the taxiway, resulting in damage to a PA 28 that hit one of the gateposts. The fence was later re-aligned to continue west, crossing the taxiway by Bellman 4. The gates here were original Navy ones, refurbished and moved from the Southern taxiway. Indeed so large and heavy were they that the gateposts were inadequate and failed to remain upright under their weight, making it impossible to operate them. The original cost of the fencing was in the region of £800,000.