Access to Hangar B (LFA members only)

FBC Parking Sign

Please Note

If you don't need to bring a vehicle onto the live airside please park at the car park at the end of Meteor Way. Come through the boundary gate (Gate 3) and walk to Hangar B. Take care not to conflict with live airside users and operations. You'll need a Permit from Fareham Borough Council to park outside the gate. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need one, there is no charge.

On the left is an example of the signage outside Gate 3. On the right is an example of the pass that must be displayed on any vehicle parked there.
FBC Car pass



Vehicle Passes

This process permits you to drive from Gate 3 at the end of Meteor Way to and from the LFA premises at Hangar B ONLY.

By completing a Pass Application sponsored by Lee Flying Association you accept and acknowledge that:

* Daedalus Aerodrome is private off-highway land and an aircraft operating area; exclusions apply from normal vehicle insurance policies.

* Currently there is no physical separation of aircraft and vehicular or pedestrian traffic and it is effectively impossible (in the majority of cases) to secure airside insurance.

 * Your, and many other airfield users', existing insurance arrangements do not include any airside (live airfield) insurance. The risk you accept by applying for the Car Pass or operating a vehicle at Daedalus is that you and other parties are likely not insured in the event of an accident between persons, vehicles or aircraft.

 * Insurance/liability coverage is the responsibility of the vehicle owner/operator, not the Airfield Owner, Operator or LFA and these organisations do not accept any liability for any claim that may arise from your use of a vehicle on the airfield. You will be personally liable in the event of a claim arising. You also accept that the responsiblity to pursue any party that you may have a claim against will be wholly yours.

As of July 2015 passes are not being issued by RCA. Once your application is approved your vehicle and driver details will be added to the airfield database so that patrolling staff will be able confirm your vehicle as being authorised to be airside.

To proceed with an application download the application from by clicking here. Also download the rules for airside driving by clicking here. Once you have read and understand the rules, print, complete and sign the application, then post it to LFA Chairman, c/o Control Tower, Solent Aerodrome, Daedalus, Lee-on-Solent, PO13 9YA. You will be notified once your vehicle is allowed airside, Please allow at least 14 days from delivery of your application for this process..