IFFR Fly-In 23 May 2009

Malcolm Barton, LFA Chairman, organised a Fly-In for the International Federation of Flying Rotarians on 23 May, here's his report.

I would like to tell you all that Saturday's Rotary fly in was a huge success we had 10 aeroplanes  two cars and 25 visitors, five of them managed to get a go in a glider the youngest was about 14 and the oldest was 72.  Tony lent me their 12 seater minibus that was invaluable (Thanks again Tony) after they had all landed and had a cup of tea and sandwiches we went on to the Police Tower where the Air Support Unit showed all of them in two groups around Police 17.

From there we went on to the MCA Hangar. After a briefing in one of their classrooms where we learned what they did and they answered all of our questions (of which there were many) we split into three groups to see their control room and how it was operated, then to a helicopter outside and fianlly a guided tour around their nice new hangar where we were able to crawl all over the other helicopter that was in the middle of an engine change.

We moved on from there to the Hovercraft Museum, but time was starting to run short, so weconcentrated our visit on looking at Geoff Pell's  display boards and films showing the history of aviation in the Gosport peninsula.  Then it was back to the aeroplanes for a safe trip back home.

The Hovercraft Museum are putting on their 50th Anniversary on the 24th 25th and 26th of July and several of them have asked if they can fly in to it.  So I have told them that I will organise a another  fly in for them just to have a look at the Hovercraft Museum.

John Dehnel from the Melton Mowbray Rotary club has put some photographs and a news item about the visit on their website if you would like to have a look at it click on the link  http://www.meltonrotary.org.uk/news.htm#LeeOnSolent09