Hangar and Clubhouse

LFA has purchased the Caravan at Hangar B and has a license to occupy Hangar B and associated hard standing.

This gives us accommodation for eight aircraft. A phone line is installed with broadband. A computer and printer are available for members' use and wi-fi is available if you want to bring your laptop.

Tea coffee biscuits and squash are available as well as a gas cooker in case you want to rustle up some lunch.


hangarb1 Hangar B is in a prime location at the entrance to the Eastern Hangars aviation area.

It's one of the best hangars on the airfield. The roof has been renewed more recently than any others and it is fully insulated. Roog glazing gives plenty of internal light , supplemented by plenty of electrical lighting and power.



Charges re lower than those at Goodwood and we have a hard runway, which means that the field is unaffected by waterlogging so it should not be too difficult to maintain occupancy.

caravan caravan3


LFA has purchased the 30 ft static caravan outside B Hangar. We are therefore inviting Members to make a one off contribution toward the creation of this facility at £30.00 per head. Money can be transferred directly into the LFA Bank Account using the following details:


Bank HSBC, 71 West Street, Fareham, Hants
Sort Code 40-21-03
a/c No 61805770
a/c Name Lee Flying Association

Members will be contacted by e-mail as soon as the clubhouse is available, with details of how to access it.


We hope that you will be able to further support LFA in this venture as it will provide a long-awaited facility on the airfield and further establish a LFA presence at Lee on Solent as the representative for all GA activities. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know you have contributed towards the clubhouse fund.

Separately the LFA has taken a license on Hangar B and the associated hardstanding area, to return this site to aviation use and generate further funds for the LFA over time. Priority for hangarage will be given to existing LFA Members. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. direct if you are interested in renting Hangar or hard standing space.



The following donations to the cause (in no particular order) are gratefully acknowledged.




Charles Davis £30
Steve Tyas, G-DOVE £30
Ian Wilson £30
Cliff Shorter £30
Alastair MacDonald £30
Jon Butts £30
Mike Cross £30
Graham Potts £30
Malcolm Barton £30
Ian Blamire £30
David Skertchly £30
Chris Sellen £30
John Hudson £30
Stuart Harrison £50
Mark Bowyer £30
Danny Elliott £30
E Richard Curry £30
Alan Davis £75
Graham Stone £30
Mike Ledward £30
Peter Stanton £30
Geoff Pell £30
Geoff Prout £30
Paul Coppin £30
Alan Matthews £nnn
Martin Laver £nnn