LFA 10th Anniversary Fly-In 24 June 2017

All pilots and crew welcome.


LFA is  holding an all-comers fly-in on 24 June 2017 to celebrate its 10th anniversary. LFA was formed to oppose the closure of Lee on Solent Aerodrome (formerly HMS Daedalus) to public use. At the time the aerodrome had been split into two parts following its disposal by Defence Estates. The central operational area, including the operational and disused runways was owned by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) while the remaining land (hangars, dispersals and the technical area including accommodation and workshops) was owned by South East England Development Agency. MCA had leased their land to Hampshire Constabulary for use by the Hampshire Police Air Support Unit (HPASU). It was Hampshire Constabulary who wanted to close the airfield to public use, citing safety concerns.

LFA successfully camapigned to stop the closure, we created a new Aerodrome Manual for the Police, working with the CAA and MoD Fleetlands, within whose aerodrome traffic zone much of Daedalus lies to allow all users to operate safely. Since that intial success much more has been achieved. Both SEEDA and HPASU are no more, the Police no longer operate from Daedalus.The operational airfield has been re-united and is now owned by Fareham Borough Coucil. The non-aviation part falling within Gosport Borough is owned by Gosport. The main runway has been resurfaced and the aerodrome licensed and the site has Enterprise Zone status, bringing the airfield back to life as a place of employment.

Come and join us to celebrate!


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Unless otherwise noted LFA events take place at B Hangar so ask for taxi to there after landing. Please note that B Hangar is airside so there is no ground access for visitors unless by prior arrangement. Food and drink will be provided by LFA, no fixed charge but donations much appreciated. Normal landing fees apply and as usual PPR is required for non-resident aircraft. Please click here for the Visitors Briefing for Solent Airport (you'll find a link to the PPR form on the same page). You don't have to go to the tower to pay, call them on 01329 824748 and you can pay by card. Please note the close proximity of controlled airspace and take care not to infringe. As a conspicuity aid you are likely to be asked to squawk 4306 while working Lee Radio, this is to assist Solent Radar in understanding the intentions of aircraft near their airspace boundary who are not on frequency.

The Hovercraft Museum, at the south west corner of the airfield is usually open on Saturdays and there is a walkway for pilots and crew from the tower to the beach.If you'd like a lift to the tower or the Hovercraft Museum please ask, we should be able to oblige.

Please contact Terry Coombes  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel 07544 305593 or Peter Jordan  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel 07541 743414 if you have any questions.