It was a great pleasure to see AOPA's Mike Cross (right) awarded the Contribution to the Community Award by George Done, AOPA Chairman at AeroExpo 2009 at Wycombe Airfield on 13th June 2009 .


The Lee Flying Association (LFA) were one of Mike Cross's main sponsors in recognition of the phenominal performance and results Mike has generated in partnering with the LFA.

An abiding memory of our 2007 public meetings in the Crofton Community Hall is of Mike standing to ask a question from the last row of the hall. For some reason, perhaps his grasp and articulation of the situation, I felt instantly that "whoever this chap is" could make a big contribution to the fight for GA at Daedalus. That would have been an understatement. I have worked closely with Mike since and seen him in (effective!) action in meetings with Hampshire Police Authority, the Deupty Chief Constable, Fareham Coucil Executive Leader and SEEDA executives to name but a few.

The successes at Lee have come about through great teamwork across the GA Community plus significant and widespread support from the wider community, locally and beyond. Nonetheless I am on sure ground in emphasizing that Mike's contributions - too many and varied to list, it's not just been 'meetings' - have been essential in "Making The Difference".

Trust me - anyone who owns, operates or flies a powered aircraft at Lee-On-Solent (that is not a police aircraft, SAR helo or glider tug) absolutely owes a debt of gratitude to Mike in particular. Please - at least pat him on the back, buy him a drink, take him flying, drop him an email ,join AOPA, or nominate for another award!  Thanks again Mike, your recognition is very well deserved - enjoy!

We must also thank AOPA Respresentative John Walker for his staunch support through the initial phases of the campaign and the AOPA executive for the various forms of support made available throughout.


Jon Butts

LFA Vice Chairman