Fareham Borough Council

10 Feb 2016 Airfield Operator 2016-21 Announced

The following communication was received 10 Feb 2016 from Fareham Borough Council (FBC), who have also confirmed this news can be shared publicly.

Regarding airfield management the contract specified by FBC provides a level of certainty - 5 years with an option for 5 further years - which the airfield has not known since the early 1990's and most importantly, for the first time, a remit to regenerate the airfields' operational aviation activities.

Jon Butts
Lee Flying Association





Dear all [Daedalus Airfield Tenants]
You will be aware that the Council recently completed the procurement process for the Airfield Operator contract at Daedalus.  Expressions of interest from potential bidders was sought in late 2015 and six companies came forward, of which 5 submitted bids all the way through to the final stages.  The bids were evaluated based on quality, service and cost criteria and Fareham Borough Council’s Executive considered the recommendation of the evaluation panel .  
The bidder with the highest score was Regional and City Airports Limited and the Council has now issued an Intention to Award notice to all bidders.
Subject to the normal OJEU standstill period, the new contract is due to commence  for a 5 year period, based on a newly prepared specification.  Unlike the current arrangement, the specification not only requires the operator to fulfil the typical day to day operational activities (such as air traffic services, fire support, safety and security, etc.), but also includes a key role to work in partnership with the Council to grow the airfield in line with the Vision for Daedalus.  This will include exploring how to improve the number of visitors to Daedalus, supporting the introduction of new visitor and heritage facilities, fuel arrangements, and improvements to air traffic services, navigational aids and runway lighting. 
You’ll all be aware that the Council has ambitious plans for the airfield, and we are confident that Regional and City Airports Ltd will work positively with the Council and all stakeholders on delivering the Council’s vision.  Once the contract has been put in place, the Council and RCA intend to arrange a tenants workshop during March, to provide the opportunity for tenants to hear directly from RCA about their approach, and to ask questions.
This is a new contract with a broader remit for the operator to not only operate the airfield within the terms of our CAA licence, but also to work closely in partnership with the Council, and our tenants, users and potential investors, to make the airfield a thriving, vibrant and financially sustainable asset for the benefit of the local community.  Further details about the new arrangement will be shared at the tenants workshop, but in the meantime, however, please feel free to contact myself, Colin or Fiona if you have any particular questions.
Kind Regards
Andrew Wannell
Director of Finance and Resources
Fareham Borough Council