1 Aug 2015 RCA Proposed New Structure for 2015 Fees and Charges

Fareham Borough Council Consultation Closing Soon

Copy of email and two attachments sent to Daedalus Aerodrome Tenants 29 July 2015 is below; please click on the links to access the RCAM proposal documents referenced.

LFA members who would like to have their consultation input included in the formal LFA response are invited to email it in confidence to LFA [at] eghf.co.uk by 21st August, thank you.


Dear everyone [Daedalus Aerodrome Tenants]

Following on from the [FBC Daedalus Vision] workshop meeting on 27th July, please find attached, as promised, details of the proposed new structure for fees and charges, prepared on our behalf by RCAM.

Also attached is a table showing visitor rates in comparison with a number of other airfields, although we appreciate that some of these e.g Bournemouth, Exeter and Newquay are busy international airports and therefore not directly comparable.

As we mentioned at the Workshop we are seeking your views and comments on these proposals and we would appreciate a response by Friday 28th August.

We will then evaluate these comments during the early part of September with a view to approving a new scheme in mid September for implementation from 1st October.

Many thanks

Colin Mitchell
Consultant Daedalus Project Manager
Fareham Borough Council