16 Oct 2014 Runway Resurfacing Project - Autumn 2014

Significant news of Runway Resurfacing, including a short two-week closure of the airfield.


The resurfacing of runway 05/23 is the first since 1966 as far as LFA has been able to determine to date. The runway has become very worn down by the weather over the last three decades, such that its remaining useful life was a barrier to much needed new investment in new hangars and premises by aviation sector organisations. Since 2007 LFA has explained to landowners and the many key Daedalus stakeholders how critical a renewed surface is in enabling long-term investments supporting aviation employment and amenity value in our area and region.

After much persistence and some earlier setbacks the landowner (HCA) and Fareham Borough Council have created to the ability to proceed at last. The project, which is planned to run from the 20th October 2014 until December 2014, will make use of the crosswind runway 17/35 to enable normal flying operations to continue while the works are being carried out on 05/23.

During the first couple of weeks, runways may change from 05/23 to 17/35 for periods of the day for operational purposes. Pilots should make contact with airfield staff on 02392 551714 prior to arrival for a briefing on the runway in use and the operational restrictions that may be in place.

FULL AIRFIELD CLOSURE (During weekdays) - 17-30 November 2014 - This closure corresponds with the construction that intersects both runways. To minimise impact the 17/35 runway will be re-opened at weekends.

The airfield website at daedalusairfield.co.uk will carry further operational information and updates.