Planning Application for Innovation Centre


A Planning Application was submitted to Fareham Borough Council on 3 Feb 2014 for the new Innovation Centre at Daedalus. This will occupy land immedately to the south of the Western end of the South Apron.

A decision is expected on 5 May. The application and plans can be viewed by entering the Fareham Planning Portal (click here)

Entering P/14/0081/FP as the Reference should take you to a list of available documents. We understand that Hangar A will be demolished as part of the preparatory works as it falls within the new Innovation Centre site, which will lie between the access road for CEMAST and the South Apron. It will encroach on to a small part of the South Apron as far as Hangar C. (Take a look at the two drawings under the heading "Plans & Drawings Site Layout", unfortunaately we can't display them here for copyright reasons)