Airfield Under New Management

As of 1st April 2011 Britten-Norman have become responsible for the management of Daedalus Airfield under a two-year 'interim' agreement. The airfield manager is Mr Peter Dalby, who managed Bembridge aerodrome 2002-2010.


Peter and his team are easing themselves into the position of running the airfield and will be promulgating arrangements for visiting pilots when those have been finalised. The team are keen to make a success of the airfield and will be welcoming visiting pilots when able (please be patient!)

A new tower phone is being installed and that number will be promulgated also. In the meantime Peter Dalby is accepting calls on his mobile phone.

Mr Peter Dalby, Airfield Manager,

Daedalus Airfield, Lee-On-Solent

07527 014901 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lee Flying Association welcomes Pete and his team to Lee, and wishes them every success in ensuring an operational future for the airfield.