SEEDA Daedalus Masterplan Published

SEEDA have decided to publish the Masterplan on their website in order to give the public an opportunity to comment.

SEEDA have now made their Daedalus Masterplan available on their website

Bearing in mind the torrid time avaition has suffered in loss of businesses, jobs and amenity since SEEDA took on their parts of the airfield the pro-aviation content in the Masterplan reflects to a remarkable degree the consultation input and hard-won successes the Association and its partners have delivered over the last three years.

Vociferous objection from local people and their elected representatives to SEEDA's continued proposing of housing , which it is well known the area already simply has too much of, is an obvious result with 500 more houses envisioned in the Gosport Borough part of Deadalus alone.

The Fareham and Gosport local authorities are nearing completion of their Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) which will provide detailed planning guidance of what is acceptable in terms of design and use to potential developer.

The masterplan reflects what the area of the site lends itself to. It is not the development plan for the site and must be used in conjunction with the guidance provided in the Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) being prepared by Fareham and Gosport Borough Councils before planning applications can be made.

This is another step in the right direction for aviation at Daedalus, but it does not itself secure continued aviation there. There is more to do. Short term we must try to defend hard surfaces from the weather as SEEDA continue to neglect event the most basic maintentance, specifically weedkilling and bunding of the taxiways and hardstanding areas. Those are breaking up now, under everyone's nose.

LFA have raised this repeatedly with SEEDA and their site agents GVA. Action was promised in the spring but nothing was done. LFA offered to spray weedkiller if SEEDA/GVA provided it. So far 25 litres of Roundup weedkiller have been provided.

This winter will see significant and costly damage done which will be counter to the aviation investment and employment objectives presented in the Daedalus Masterplan.

Millions of taxpayers money has been spent on SEEDA staff, site management, consulation, consultancy, reports, Visionary Frameworks and a Masterplan. Yet nothing is budgeted to provide the most basic protection of the aviation infrastructure - which again taxpayers invested heavily in over many decades and would cost many more millions to replace.

If you want to help LFA prevent this damage please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may wish to lobby your councillors, MP, or SEEDA's directly.