Tigers Training Reinstated At Last!

The Tigers Children's Motorcycle Team Re-instate Training at Daedalus

The four-year saga of the Tigers return to training on the south end of disused 17/35 after being turned out by Hampshire Constabulary has finally concluded successfully, at the direction of Hampshire Police Authority (land lease-holder -held over) leaders*. The necessary approvals have been granted and the paperwork is all in place.


The first Tigers training session may be as soon as Sunday August 8th and will be operated as previously (which integrated very well with aviation users) with some additional safety (communications) features.

LFA and Daedalus aviation users represented on the Airfield User Forum fully support, and always have – if you want to know why see Tigers Training Operational details and Why They Deserve Your Support click here (Adobe PDF file).



Without this support and training venue The Tigers would have had to close at the end of this summer season, after 30 years of safe,  succesful and valuable community work. Instead it is another good news story for our community and Daedalus Airfield, Lee-On-Solent!


“Congratulations and Welcome Back The Tigers!”


* Hampshire Police Authority members who supported the Tigers return to Daedalus include: HPA Chairwoman Jacqui Rayment, Bob Purkiss, and Councillor Seán Woodward, who took the Tigers proposal forward for HPA review after it had been apparently summarily rejected by Hampshire Constabulary at the end of 2009.




Young stunt team is back home at last

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Published Date: 11 August 2010
A FUNDRAISING motorbike stunt team is back in its original home four years after being forced out.

The Tigers Children's Motorcycle Team had to leave the old HMS Daedalus airfield in Lee-on-the-Solent when Hampshire Constabulary, which runs the airstrip, demanded they take out expensive airstrip insurance.

There were fears for the club's future when the arrangement it had with the school it has been using for practice sessions over the past few years came to an end.

But now members are celebrating after being reinstated at MCA Daedalus airfield in Lee-on-the-Solent.

The club is famous around the region for the daring stunt displays its youngsters have put on at events to support local children's charities over the past 30 years.

Club chairman David Spencer said: 'We've been fighting this corner for years and now we've just found out we've been reinstated - everything is hunky-dory again.

'We've been down at Grange Junior School for the past four years and they have been great to us, but it's not been ideal.

'I've got to thank Sean Woodward and Jacqui Rayment at the Hampshire Police Authority for making this happen.

'After all these years I never thought we would be back, but we are.'

The club's 22 boys and girls aged from five to 14 will now be able to practice at the airfield during their training season.

The Tigers Children's Motorcycle Display at HMS Collingwood 2010. Photo: Portsmouth News

Jon Butts, chairman of the Lee Flying Association, which represents the site's light aircraft users, said: 'I'm delighted for the club. It's been a very tough ride for them, but persistence has won out in the end.

Councillor Woodward, of the police authority, said: 'There were a number of obstacles, but we kept at it and I persuaded a few people of the importance of bringing them back.'