Fly RAF veterans to annual re-union!

Very rewarding opportunity to fly local aircrew veterans to national re-union 26th June. If you know what this generation did and sacrificed you know it is also an honour and a privilege to fly these men and women!

Set Course for East Kirkby on 26 June 2010

Project Propeller is proud to announce that a new and exciting venue has been secured for PP10 - East Kirkby, in Lincolnshire'. The airfield is home to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, the only place in Europe where visitors can experience taxy-rides in an Avro Lancaster Bomber.

Whether you are a current qualified pilot with a seat or 8 to spare, or former wartime aircrew (friend or former foe), we would love you to join us for the ultimate Aircrew Reunion.

Pilots / Aircraft Owners

The volunteer pilots meet old and bold aviators, have the privilege and pleasure of flying them to an interesting venue and strike up long-lasting friendships. If you are a current pilot and could volunteer your services and an aircraft for the day, please register here.

Air Crew

The air crew experience a wonderful day out each year where they are able to meet up with former colleagues, enjoy the facilities of the chosen venue and, most importantly, get airborne once again. We will try to pair you up with a pilot and aircraft from a local airfield to fly you to the meeting. If you served in any capacity as Air Crew during World War II, then you are more than welcome to join us.


Members of the LFA also support Veteran WW2 Airmen by flying them at no charge to a large renunion called Project Propellor, which is held each summer on a different airfield 'somewhere in England'. It is a real privilege to fly the veterans - they LOVE it and can still fly very well themselves in many cases!

Being part of assembling two or three hundred veterans for a special day together is also a fabulous way to honour them and the memory of their many, many fallen comrades.

These are remarkable people. It is incredibly humbling to meet them, learn of their experiences and realise what spirit that generation had then, and retains today. It can be a long day but is the very least we could do for this dwindling band of aviation brothers.

From the Project Propellor website: "A word of appreciation from we veterans for the flying you organized. It was kind of you to arrange these flights, and the pleasure we drew from the experience. It was even more pleasurable not being shot at during the time we were airborne."