Big Freeze - Update 14 Jan

As of mid-day Thursday 14th Jan 2010 the thaw is well under way.

Most of the snow has melted. Ice remains in places.


Above: Right hand side of runway 23 clear of snow


Above: Left hand side of runway 23 has line of snow piles still to thaw

Taxiways on west side of the airfield looked largely clear  (no photos)


Above: Eastern taxiway has ice and snow in places, particularly adjactent "H" Hangar (Atlas Helicopters) where the taxiway is still very icy and wet (as the run-off from the higher ground flows down toward "G" hangar).


Above: The latest lake at "G" hangar is slowly shrinking. This must be the third lake in the last couple of months. Local people with memories of Daedalus going back over 30, 40 and 50+ years have never seen lakes as large before. Something must be wrong with the the drainage opposite "G".

Emails on airfield status from the Airfield Manager are being distributed to the LFA Membership - if you are not getting yours get in touch with us with your latest/correct email id, thanks.

Big Freeze - Lee Update 12 Jan


Hi Jon

Robert Hill sent me this picture of CDLY at Lee, so I sent it to BBC1 South Today and it was shown on the South Today program tonight.  They said here is a picture of an aircraft grounded because of the snow at Lee. It looked good.

The next one could be an approach into the sun set from the flight deck at Lee?


Warm Sunsets? Bring 'em on! Laughing

Big Freeze - Lee Update Sat 9th Jan 2010


Above: The snow which fell on Tuesday 5th Jan has frozen hard. The Airfield will remain closed for some time yet, awaiting the Big Thaw. Taxiways passable with 4 x 4 x care, and ski-equiped persons and aircraft.


Above: G-CBZM


Above: G-CDLY