Local Leaders Tour: Sep 2009

This event was very well-supported by all of SEEDA's aviation tenants ...

Local Leaders General Aviation Tour, Daedalus Airfield, 23rd Sept 2009

This event was very well-supported by all of SEEDA's aviation tenants. Local leaders and visitors were surprised and pleased to see and learn more about the variety of aviation activity that currently exists on the west and east side of the airfield.


The presentations and discussions held at each location were positive and forward-looking - everybody has aviation as the number one priority for development at Daedalus. Some of the feedback received is appended below.

Tour Itnerary

1600-1715 Pre-tour "Earlybirds" introduction to light aviation, Hangar "B" .Static display aicraft: PA28-161 provided by Phoenix Aviation and Cirrus SR22 by Freeflight (many thanks for laying on the demo flight)


1730-1745 Lee Flying Association, "B", Jon Butts, Vice-Chairman; Chair Airfield User Forum

1745-1800 Atlas Helicopters, "H", Mike Burns, Chief Pilot and Director

1800-1815 Phoenix Aviation, "K", Steve Cockshott, Chief Flying Instructor and Director

1815-1830 Solent Microlight Group & Daedalus Aviation Fuelling Services, "M", Paul Coppin, Chairman


Hangars West

1845-1900 Groves Aircraft Restoration, "P", Paul Groves, Principal

1900-1915 Fleetlands Flying Group, "R", Mike Jarman, Chairman

1915-1930 Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre (PNGC) "Bellman 4", David Durston, Chairman PNGC

1930 Tour End. Follow-on open discussion for those who can stay, in the PNGC clubhouse until 2030.


"Local Leaders Tour" 23rd Sept 2009 - Visitor List


Photo of Seán Woodward

Cllr Sean Woodward, Fareham Borough Council (FBC) Executive Leader. Chairman, Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH)



Mr Ian Lycett, Gosport Borough Council (GBC) Executive Leader


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[Apologies 23/9 from] Cllr Mark Hook, Gosport Borough Council (GBC) Leader

Photo of Tim Knight

County Cllr Tim Knight, (Crofton Division), Borough Councillor (Hillhead) Fareham Council. Daedalus Strategy Group Member. [Will arrive 1630]



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Cllr John Beavis, Lee-On-The-Solent (West). Co-Chair Daedalus Strategy Group




Chris Carter

County Cllr Chris Carter, Lee-On-The-Solent (West). [Will arrive 1530]


[Apologies 23/9 from]Cllr Graham Burgess, Lee-On-The-Solent (East)



Cllr Derek Kimber, Lee-On-The-Solent (East)

Peter Cusdin, SEEDA Development Director

Clare Chester, SEEDA Daedalus Project Manager

Richard MacKay, Chairman, Lee-On-Solent Residents Association (LOSRA). [Will arrive 1530]

Michael Stratton-Brown, Chairman, Hill Head Residents Association

Peter Patterson, Lee Business Association Representative


"Local Leaders Tour" 23rd Sept 2009 - Visitor Thanks

Dear Jon

On behalf of the local leaders, may I thank you, all the businesses and PNGC for all the time & effort pull into making this visit a total success. I was good to have the opportunity to see firsthand just how we are moving in the right direction but it was useful to pick up on some of the outstanding issues. A most valuable overview.

My personal thank to you for leading on this and to Captain David Durston of PNGC for hosting the discussion period at the end.

Very many thanks.


John Beavis

West Lee Ward Cllr



This is just to thank you both for a most interesting visit to Daedalus last night and also for arranging the flight in the Cirrus.  I think it is the first time I have flown in a light aircraft with such sophisticated instrumentation.
I was very pleased to see how things are developing.  I believe in my area there is strong support for aircraft and marine businesses in Daedalus but for the Hangars West side there is a strong objection to housing.
It was most interesting to see the planes, helicopters and gliders and to meet those interested in them, and to hear the answers to the questions raised.
Thank you both again for the tour - much appreciated.
Kind regards,



Dear Jon,

Thank you for organising a very interesting and informative tour – it opened my eyes to all the aviation activity at Daedalus that would have been very difficult to convey in a presentation or discussion.

It is good to see what progress has been made over the last year yet frustrating that ownership and management remain to be be sorted out when all the bodies involved are in the public sector.

Please pass my thanks to all involved, especially for the opportunity to take a flight

J Richard Mackay,

Chairman, Lee on the Solent Residents' Association

(Incorporating Vision4Lee),