Airfield Improvements Aug'09

New central windsock and 05 Hold Board re-instated.

The airfield's main taxiway on the west side has a 05 Hold Board once again thanks to Mike Cross.With the agreement of the of the airfield manager Mike adapted an old sign from a disused runway, and positioned it adjacent to the yellow hatched area allowing sufficient clearance for PNGC motorgliders on the taxiway centreline.

The sign should help powered users (who typcially backtrack 05 on 05 flying days) to position themselves appropriately for their preflight power checks - i.e. on the yellow hatching adjacent to the sign. Completing power checks there keeps aircraft away from the nearest neighbouring house and away from the undershoot to 05 Grass Left.

The second improvement is an addtional windsock; the result of discussions at the Airfield User Forum chaired by Jon Butts. A more easily visible windsock was requested by the Solent Microlight Group (SMG) and is now benefitting all airfield users - its central location gives a good indication of conditions reasonably close to the runway. Many thanks to Mike Burns of Atlas Helicopter used his contacts to 'blag' the windsock itself, and to SMG who built a new the pole (the original pole has rusted through and is unsafe), and Paul Coppin and Cliff Shorter who put it up.

The old unused windosock pole isn't so rusty it will fall down by itself just yet, so Paul Coppin will take a saw to it if Bob Ruprecht agrees on his return from holiday.

So, two useful low/no-cost airfield improvements from the aviation community for the whole aviation community. If you'd like to help us put something back in aviation at Lee, just get in touch!