Local Information for Visiting Dogs!

For dogs visiting by air, for whom a good owner-walk is a key element of any days flying, here is some local information for you and your owner.


Year round we local dogs walk our owners along the entire seafront promenade and onto the beaches south of and west of Hill Head Road (half a mile west of runway 05) and south-east of Beach Road in Lee-on-the-Solent itself. I walk mine there at least four or five times a week, even though he does stop me chasing the coastal birds feeding at low tide. They need all the food they can get, especially in winter, apparently. "And who doesn't!?"  I tell him:-)

From 1 May to  30 Sept, there is just one section of the beach south of the airfield itself we must stay off. It is used by lots of families on nice days out and they can leave a bit of a mess sometimes. That is the bit between Hill Head Road and the Skateboard park, where I could really help by hoovering up the dropped ice-creams and sausages but Gosport Council take them all for themselves.


Anyhow, in the summer I walk west to the Hill Head beaches mentioned above - great places where we get our owners off-lead for a good run around and swim in the sea (some of them are barking, I know mine is). Or we walk them east along the promenade, and go onto the beach once past the skateboarders and further east to the Browndown military training beach.If it's not too hot for them we take then beyond Browndown all the way to Gilkicker point for even more fantastic views.

When your owner gets hungry there are plenty of places to take them. Nearest to the aerodrome seafront gate is the Snack Shack, where you can also take your owner to buy him or herself a new tennis ball to throw -  don't they just love that. And it is good exercise for them.

When it is too breezy for them to eat outside you can take them inside at The Osbourne View and Breezes, both at Hill Head, and The Bun Penny and other places at Lee-on-Solent. These all sell special doggie-owner treats, from cream teas to real-ale. If they buy too much you may have to finish up for them. Being local I have not tried a B&B here but some of them will be dog-owner friendly for sure.

As usual when visiting the airfield itself, keep your owner on a lead and under control of course. Help us out by barking at them if they are not tracking the centreline on initial climbout on 23, because Mr Robertson may notice you if his seafront flat is overflown; it is only 75m from the runway centreline!

Lots to do and see here - all accessible via Daedalus Aerodrome - come and find some new favourite places!

Best regards,

P.S. if you find a tennis ball, that'll be one of mine :-)