Welcome to Lee Flying Association

Lee Flying Association is a not-for-profit organisation working with local and national stakeholders since 2007 to ensure retention and regeneration of the former Naval Air Station at Lee-on-Solent. The airfield is the open space separating Stubbington and Lee on Solent. Building houses on the land would have overstrained the local infrastructure with more people commuting to jobs in the M27 corridor. Instead the development focusses on creating jobs, reducing the need for commuter traffic entering and leaving the Gosport peninsular. Retaining an operational airfield maintains the open space and provides leisure and employment opportunities, bringing investment and jobs into the boroughs of Fareham and Gosport. Renamed Solent Airport it is a key part of the UK's network of General Aviation airfields/airports.

Membership of LFA is open to all who support Daedalus Aerodrome for aviation use, safeguarding the runways taxiways and aircraft parking aprons to create a vibrant economic and amenity benefit.

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Lee Flying Association has been remarkably successful in ensuring continued aviation use - something few believed possible when aviation tenants were given 28 days notice to quit on 18 October 2007. LFA challenged, and enabled the reversing of, decisions to close the airfield to the majority of users in 2007 and again in 2008.

LFA promoted the potential for Daedalus as a leading UK General Aviation aerodrome - creating unique employment, economic, amenity and transport value. LFA has provided aviation sector insight to landowners and local leaders on opportunities and strategy. LFA has been submitting pro-aviation sector input into the many public consultations and planning applications since January 2008.

These efforts, combined with those of key stakeholders, have enabled new aviation businesses to gain a foothold at Daedalus. The runway has been resurfaced and new serviced plots with airside (taxiway) access are being created for aviation businesses.

Strategic planning for the Borough of Fareham, the Solent Enterprise Zone, and the Homes and Communities Agency incorporated much of the key input provided by the LFA needed to create a viable and sustainable General Aviation airfield delivering economic and amenity benefit to the local area.

Planning policies, Local Plans, "Visionary Frameworks" and Outline Planning consent for the whole of Daedalus have struck a balance which incorporates the need to boost employment generally, while retaining and using operational aviation infrastructure including aircraft parking aprons and taxiways and retaining a large amount of open airfield space, which local people value hugely.

LFA provides local, aerodrome and aviation knowledge to a range of Daedalus stakeholders and local organisations, including residents associations, clubs and societies.

We now see much of the work coming together. Ownership of the operational airfield, which had been split between two owners, has been re-united under one landowner, Fareham Borough Council, who have a pro-aviation Local Plan and Vision for Daedalus Aerodrome.

Critically the main runway has been resurfaced (Oct-Dec 2014), which enabled the airfield to gain a Civil Aviation Authority licence and businesses to have confidence in making long term investments in new hangars and premises. Work is in progress creating new serviced plots around the north east aircraft apron where the first tranche of new hangars will be built. They will replace hangars  constructed in 1943 when the airfield was expanded to support D-Day. Their loss is a sad but necessary part of the regeneration of the aerodrome, although a suggestion to Fareham Borough Council that two or three hangars could be dismantled and rebuilt as heritage hangars has been well received.

Key phases of the regeneration remain ahead and there will likely be further challenges to tackle. However the direction and pace of change is extremely encouraging.

LFA Members receive regular Members Newsletters, providing information and updates regarding the strategy, issues and progress of the many changes taking place.Members have access to the LFA Clubhouse at Hangar "Bravo" where they can use the briefing facilities, free WiFi, and park their car or aircraft while visiting, help out with running the premises and socialise with other members. It is likely that the social and event focus of the LFA will grow as less work is required regarding the future of the airfield itself.

Aviator or not, local or not, all who wish to demonstrate their support for the Daedalus Estate retaining and developing the operational airfield are invited to join us, thank you!. Click here for more details.